Blog Intro

This blog is inspired by my love of beauty products. I am NOT just an average person who enjoys beauty products...not at all.... I consider myself to be a expert in the beauty industry. I have a lot of experience with cosmetics as well as highend skincare. In my short lifetime I have already had the opportunity to work with some of best highend brands out there, such as Dior, Nars, La Mer, Clarins, Chanel...and thats just to name a few :). I am trained and have enough knowledge in both to share an educated opinion. I cannot go a day without trying out something new on the market or even something that has been there for years. I love discovering new products, weather its an eye cream, a lipstick, a foundation, a shimmer body lotion a perfume and even candles. I live for skincare, makeup, fragrance and other beauty products that fall in those categories. Here you will find me testing out numerous products from numerous kind of brands, and sharing my opinion about them! I hope to bring knowledge and facts as well as personal opinion about the things I try out and hope that everyone enjoys reading the things I have to say. I will split my blog up in different categories such as "Eye Creams", "SPF", "Bronzers", etc, and they will contain pictures as well as detailed descriptions about the product from all sorts of brands. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and hope that you are just as infatuated with beauty products as I am!