Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Need To Try

Being the beauty product junkie that I am, I usually manage to get my hands on every product under the sun (or at least I though so). But considering the amount of constant new products comming out on the market, its impossible to try it all! (although I wish I could). Anyhow, I made a list of a few products I can't wait to get my hands on (and my face & body too).

I have heard wonders about this lipstick. Formulated with rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, the luxurious formula has an ultra creamy texture for an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated color pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity.

"Apply before bed and he might mistake your skin for satin sheets" Now thats worth trying!

Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm $26.50
I love the fact that its not an ordinary lip balm. First of all the packaging is adorable and vintage like. This lip balm does everything from plumping to hydrating, not to mention its SPF 10. I tried it on at the store before, but did not purchase. As of now, I have too many lip balms, but as soon as I am through, it is on my top list.

A unique, moisturizing body oil that gives skin a sultry sheen as it scents with Beach Fragrance. Contains four essential oils (Olive, Sesame, Avocado and Jojoba) and Vitamins E and C to soften and nourish skin.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recently I have been inspired by some of the little beautiful things in the world. It includes people, landscapes, colors, clothes, accessories and things like that. Add those things up and you get a collage of all the things that make you want to become a better person. A person who you want to be and the kind of life you want to live. All you need are a few pieces of inspirations. Here is what inspires me:


Friday, July 20, 2012

Minnie Mouse

Though I'd share how adorable the Minnie Mouse OPI nail polishes are. There are many cute ways to get endless possibilities of girly pink designs with them.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wedding Day Essentials

Lately I have been in a wedding day mode...probably because it is wedding season and the weather is lovely. I love the beauty products available for that special day, the fragrances made just for that, the oh and the shoes!! There are so many little details that make the bride feel its best on her day. I am obsessed with those tiny little details...and there are plenty of them. I think it is a must for each bride to have a few steps to follow in order to feel and look her all time perfect. Here are my top musts:

First I think it should be your first priority to find the right shoes.
They don't have to be white, baby blue is another great option that I like.

The scent you wear on your day is just as important as the dress you wear. Every time you smell that scent it is going to take you back to your wedding day, so you must find something that makes you feel feminine, romantic and beautiful. Vera Wang makes so of the most amazing perfumes for inspired by weddings. My faves are Vera Wang Truly Pink: pink lily of the valley with pink rose, and lychee blossom mingles with peony and white freesia. Cassis, violet wood and creamy woods complete the fragrance, creating a full and balanced bouquet. First introduced in 2007, Truly Pink offers women a fresh scent, which works well as a finishing touch to most casual outfits and attire.
Vera Wang Bouquet: Introduced in 2008, includes notes of white iris root, black currant leaves, lavender musk accord, Sicilian bergamot, honeysuckle, and Moroccan cedar, providing women with a moderate, feminine scent that is sure to attract compliments. Whether you are going out to lunch with friends or spending the day shopping, Vera Wang Bouquet is the perfect fragrance for your day.
Vera Wang by Vera Wang: flowery scent that is casual enough for a relaxed day out on the town, but it is resonant enough for a date night. First introduced in 2002, this romantic, feminine fragrance has a subtle blend of mandarin, iris, and lotus notes. Its delicate but attention-getting Asian-based bouquet will turn heads wherever you go.
Vera Wang Sheer Veil 100ml EdP 240x240 Vera Wang Sheer Veil – Radiant, Feminine and SensualVera Wang Sheer Veil: Introduced in 2005 by Vera Wang, this daytime fragrance is perfect for the woman who appreciates complex but subtle notes in the scent she wears. This perfume perfectly blends the delicate aromas of springtime, resulting in a glorious burst of creamy lavender, gardenia, dewy violets, white lilies, and champagne rose. The ultimate feminine scent, Vera Wang Sheer Veil is perfect for dabbing behind the ears just before an impromptu and romantic afternoon date.
Vera Wang Anniversary: Anniversary is a woody floral with notes of bergamot, apple leaves, mandarin, dew drop accord, gardenia, rose, orange blossom, musk, orris, amber and cedar. Launched in 2010, the new limited edition fragrance for women celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Vera Wang fashion house, and is described as “bright and lush”.

The right pastel nail polish is very important. Nail color must look soft and clean. A lot brands such as OPI and Essie make bridal colors so it is easier to narrow down:

As for hair and makeup, I suggest finding a face that inspires you and somebody who you resemble the most. I love Megan Fox for her sexy, dark style. You could take a picture of your muse to a salon to match the hairstyle, as well as makeup. It can be quite simple to find a celebrity who you look like. Everyone has a doppelganger.

When you wake up on the day of your wedding, you have to be in the most perfect, peaceful and romantic peace of mind the second you step your foot out of bed. Light a candle that puts you in a wedding day mood and makes you feel beautiful and ready to get married! I think Yankee Candle's Wedding Day candle is the perfect choice.

What else could be comfy yet incredibly sexy like anything by Victoria's Secret? Their Bridal collection is my most absolute favorite. The gorgeous satin baby blues and pearly whites and shiny diamonds makes any piece of clothing look like little bits of art.


Mariah Carey's Forever
I'd like to begin my fragrance section with my recently discovered favorite: Mariah Carey's 'Forever'. Although this came out in 2009, I had not had the opportunity to try it until about Fall of 2011...and I fell in love. I was not looking to add yet another fragrance to my enormous and never ending fragrance collection..however, after seeing the bottle I was curious what the scent would be like. Unlike the rest of Mariah's way too sweet and candy inspired fragrances, this one surprised me with its lightness. When i sprayed the tester on my wrist and walked around with it... I found myself smelling my wrist about 10 times per minute!... Its addictingly beautiful. I had to buy this. With a gorgeous bottle like this (inspired by Mariah'sNeroli, White Musk.


Lancôme Miracle
This morning I went to the mall, and I headed to the fragrance section to try Lancôme Miracle. Its an older fragrance, came out in 2000. I've always loved how pretty and pink the bottle looks, the fragrance itself is pink and that has always caught my attention, being the girly girl that I am. I have smelled this perfume before, many times im sure...but I've never took the time to actually....smell it. Until now. I sprayed the tester all over myself... several times, to make sure the scent will last for a long time, so I can have many hours of experiencing it. I also sprayed a fragrance strip. I went back to my car, where I was not overpowered by many other fragrances, and I could just focus on this one. All I can say is... fresh bouquet of flowers. That is what it smells like... and I love every second of it. This fragrance is a total pink-me-up. Its for days when you want to feel your cutest and girly and just very pretty, as well as clean. I can see this being a perfect spring/summer fragrance. I can also see myself wearing a baby pink satin dress with this perfume..perfect girly combo. Notes are: Lychee, Freesia, Magnolia, Ginger, Pepper, Musky and Amber notes, Jasmine.

So In Love

Victoria's Secret So In Love
Today I had some extra time in the morning, so of course, naturally I decided to stop by my local Victoria's Secret. I have a serious problem with that store..I can't stop buying stuff there!! Anyway, after browsing a few minutes, I snatched the last bottle of the So In Love fragrance. It is a discontinued fragrance, however, they had one last one left over from the Semi Annual sale, and I got a great deal on it. It's retailed price was $27, but with the 75% off I got it for about $7...not bad!! What attracted me the most was the bottle shape. I really don't need anymore perfumes, but I can't help but keep buying....I had to get this one just for the simple fact that the bottle itself would look so cute in my bathroom's vanity. The scent itself....really nice actually! At first whiff, it smells like a flower shop. This fragrance came out in 2005, but is no longer carried at Victoria's Secret, but I guess during their sale time is when you can find it..I did! I was looking for a nice, light floral fragrance for this Valentines day thats coming up, and I think I found it. Its very light, but not the kind of light where you can't smell it. It absolutely has a personality, and you will get noticed when you walk in the room with this on. This fragrance actually is the winner of the FiFi Award Fragrance Of the Year 2006. Notes are: Honey, Carnation, Cognac, Jasmine, Violet Leaf, Ylang-Ylang and Moroccan Rose.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector

Yesterday I received a sample of a fairly new product by Lancôme called Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector. At first I wasn't too excited about trying it since it is pretty much marketed for older women who want to target wrinkles and lines. But after reading reviews on this product I learned that it does so much more. Not only is it capable of correcting wrinkles, lines on the surface, but it also makes pores, acne marks and scars diminish. Basically a molecule called [LR 2412 4%] travels deep down through several layers of the skin, and along its way it sends out micro-transformations among its way...in result, you see more even tone skin, the wrinkles, lines, pores and marks are corrected. It seems like a pretty simple concept, however it took about 12 years of research to come up with the product. I am very picky about the skincare that I use, and there are a lot of products out there that promise everything including the world to you. They say they will "miraculously" turn back the clock and make you look like you are 20 years old again, or you will never have another pimple in your life. So when trying out Visionnaire I was not expecting anything more then a pleasant smelling little serum that glides on smoothly on the skin but ultimately shows no apparent results, except burns a hole in your wallet and increases your expectations-BUT I WAS WRONG!
True..it does smell amazing (just like Chanel Eau Tendre perfume..Really!!), and true.. it does glide on very silky on the skin and it does have a pretty pink pearlescent tone, but truthfully, I really seemed to notice the texture of my skin improve just after 2 applications. At night I washed my face with my regular cleanser, applied my toner, then I applied the Visionnaire to the skin, after that I used my moisturizer. The next morning I did the same thing, and then I went to apply my makeup and I noticed how much more even the texture on the surface of my skin looked, my liquid foundation looked so much better on me the morning after using Visionnaire and it left me wondering how much better will it look if I keep using it after a month? Most of the reviews I read say they saw result after a week or 2, I guess it depends on how much damage your skin has and how deep the damage is. I think everyone should at least try this new product, it is a bit pricey but it is well worth it. Its no wonder why the ad for this corrector says "1 out of 2 women, tempted by a cosmetic procedure, decided to postpone it after using Visionnaire"
1 oz: $84
1.7 oz: $105

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Supple Skin

L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil
One of my favorite treats for the body! An amazing scented almond oil, incredibly moisturizing, leaving your skin looking sexy, sleek, silky and 100% soft. Not to mention it actually improves your skin's texture by toning, firming and improving stretch marks. What I love to do is, after shaving I like to slather this oil all over my body, and I instantly notice an improvement in my skin..even the color of my skin...goes from dry and dull to glowy and richly soft. But the scent alone is what gets me. Its a beautiful almondy aroma which is hard to describe unless you actually smell it. I would say the closest scent would be to woody vanilla with a touch of sweetness. This is the perfect item to have if you are trying to tone areas around your body after loosing weight, it is also good for improving stretch marks, but overall it is just an amazing body softener. Especially for the winter time, I would say it is a great alternative to a cream; an oil is just so much easier to apply, and it makes your body look so sexy, like your are preparing for a photo shoot. I have read some reviews about this oil, which I do not agree with, such as that is "stains clothes", or "smells rotten on the body" and also "too greasy." I did not find that being the case at all. I would have to respond by saying, first, obviously don't throw on tight clothes the second you apply it.. as with all oils, creams and lotions you want to wait at least 5 minutes for it to absorb into the skin, so put on a robe in the mean time. Secondly..to prevent anything from smelling rotten on your body... exfoliate your skin in the shower prior to that, and shave. The smell of the oil shouldn't change with the contact of your skin unless you give it a reason to! And finally, the reason why one would think it is "too greasy" is if you apply pounds of it on. You don't need so much, because the oil is very spreadable around the body, a little goes a long way. I would say one pump for each body area, arm, leg, a few more pumps for larger areas such as stomach, back and butt. P.S I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but using this product actually makes me look half a shade tanner. It does not have any tanning properties, I think the reason why I get this result is because it gives a lively glow to my body, which brightens it up making it look kinda tan. I recommend investing in this bottle, if there is one thing that is good for your skin, this is on the top of the list.
$38- 3.4 oz

Friday, January 13, 2012


Guerlain Météorites Powder
When I started working for a major cosmetic company a few years ago, I was introduced to one of the best things in my life I would not otherwise have wanted to try. I was training with a Guerlain representative and she told me about Météorites Powder For The Face. What it is, is an illuminating powder that delivers pure radiance. Pure and simple. When I heard her say the word "illuminating" I was ready to pass on this powder, because I thought I would have glitter, shine and sparkle all over my face, but I was very wrong. Not only does this make your complexion glow, as if you have your own personal lighting team that follows you around to make sure you look radiant all day, but it also gets rid of shine when you need it to. It was inspired by light and created by Guerlain, which is one of the oldest and most trusted brands on the market, so I have always trusted everything they have ever made. "Météorites Pearls employ the technology of white light, which is used in photography and film to erase imperfections and soften features. A constellation of 6 multi-colored pearls blend together for a flawless, radiant complexion. These pearls-with-a-purpose have now been reinvented in 3 color harmonies that are adapted to each skintone." I am very pleased with this face powder, although it is pricey, I would recommend investing in it, it is not like any regular powders you have ever used and I can promise that. I like to use in on top to set my makeup, after I have my foundation/concealer on, this goes great on top. It comes in three shades, even though it does not leave much color on your skin and its pretty much completely sheer. Teint Rosé 01, Teint Beige 02, Teint Doré 03. This powder does come with a great little powder puff, but Guerlain also makes a brush just for this powder called the "Guerlain Météorites Brush", if you want a more precise application, but even with powder puff it still looks flawless. Powder retails for: 1.05 oz ~$57


Monday, January 9, 2012

Cherry Princess

L'Occitane Cerisier Princesse (Cherry Princess)
This is a new Limited Edition fragrance and body collection by L'Occitane. It launches today!! (Monday, January, 30, 2012). It's a Valentine's Day collection and it smells like pure femininity. A spin off of the original Cherry Blossom, but not quite as powdery and floral..and I like it so much better. Cerisier Princesse is a very fruity and juicy fragrance. Its light, and it reminds me of red, juicy cherries, as apposed to actual cherry blossom trees like the regular L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom fragrance.This new fragrance is a fruiy/floral and is inspired by spring and should help you take off your winter blues and welcome spring again. It is a very young fragrance, and by that I mean, I can see even little girls wearing this...but this does not mean that it is an overly sweet perfume like most little girl fragrances on the market are. I really enjoy wearing this perfume, its pretty and feminine and what girl doesn't want to feel that way? I also like the fact that it is inspired by cherry blossom trees, one of my most favorite aromas in the world; Truly a spring scent. I suggest going to your local L'Occiatne boutique and at least smelling this fragrance, because it is only here for 3 weeks starting today. What's nice about this limited edition fragrance bottle is that it only comes in (1.7 oz/50 ml), so it is not a huge investment. The Cherry Princess line also includes these limited editions: 1 oz hand cream, pearlescent shower cream, solid perfume, silky body gel, all infused with the fruity & floral Cherry Princess scent. Notes are: lemon, grapefruit and sweet cherry notes. The heart gives us spring floral accords, while base notes cuddle with a blend of musk and precious wood.