Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ooh la la

Victoria's Secret: Sexy Little Things: Ooh la la Illuminating Body Lotion
I would have to start my blog with the first thing that I purchased today: Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things 'Ooh la la Illuminating Body Lotion'. The first thing I did when I got out of bed today was head over to Victoria's Secret for the final days of their Semi Annual Sale. I went over to the fragrance and beauty section, which was all up to 50% off. I have smelled the "Ooh la la" perfume before and I loved the light sweetness of it. I was mainly interested in the 'Ooh la la Illuminating Body Lotion', which is a pearlescent pinkish color, it goes on with a slight shimmer and leaves a nice aroma of the fragrance. It moisturizes the skin lightly, but I am not too concerned with that, because I would not be using this product to treat dry skin, it is more for the sexy little shimmer and the sweet and girly fragrance it leaves. I definitely will save this one for special occasions such as Valentine's Day and my Anniversary. Plus I got a great deal on it--originally retails for $20..but with the extra 50% off, I paid just $10. Tomorrow I will have to go back and buy a few more to stalk up on, because I absolutely loved how sexy and cute it makes me feel. The bottle itself is irresistible. Top notes are : Mandarin Orange, Cherry Blossom, Vanilla. 

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