Friday, January 13, 2012


Guerlain Météorites Powder
When I started working for a major cosmetic company a few years ago, I was introduced to one of the best things in my life I would not otherwise have wanted to try. I was training with a Guerlain representative and she told me about Météorites Powder For The Face. What it is, is an illuminating powder that delivers pure radiance. Pure and simple. When I heard her say the word "illuminating" I was ready to pass on this powder, because I thought I would have glitter, shine and sparkle all over my face, but I was very wrong. Not only does this make your complexion glow, as if you have your own personal lighting team that follows you around to make sure you look radiant all day, but it also gets rid of shine when you need it to. It was inspired by light and created by Guerlain, which is one of the oldest and most trusted brands on the market, so I have always trusted everything they have ever made. "Météorites Pearls employ the technology of white light, which is used in photography and film to erase imperfections and soften features. A constellation of 6 multi-colored pearls blend together for a flawless, radiant complexion. These pearls-with-a-purpose have now been reinvented in 3 color harmonies that are adapted to each skintone." I am very pleased with this face powder, although it is pricey, I would recommend investing in it, it is not like any regular powders you have ever used and I can promise that. I like to use in on top to set my makeup, after I have my foundation/concealer on, this goes great on top. It comes in three shades, even though it does not leave much color on your skin and its pretty much completely sheer. Teint Rosé 01, Teint Beige 02, Teint Doré 03. This powder does come with a great little powder puff, but Guerlain also makes a brush just for this powder called the "Guerlain Météorites Brush", if you want a more precise application, but even with powder puff it still looks flawless. Powder retails for: 1.05 oz ~$57


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