Monday, July 9, 2012


Mariah Carey's Forever
I'd like to begin my fragrance section with my recently discovered favorite: Mariah Carey's 'Forever'. Although this came out in 2009, I had not had the opportunity to try it until about Fall of 2011...and I fell in love. I was not looking to add yet another fragrance to my enormous and never ending fragrance collection..however, after seeing the bottle I was curious what the scent would be like. Unlike the rest of Mariah's way too sweet and candy inspired fragrances, this one surprised me with its lightness. When i sprayed the tester on my wrist and walked around with it... I found myself smelling my wrist about 10 times per minute!... Its addictingly beautiful. I had to buy this. With a gorgeous bottle like this (inspired by Mariah'sNeroli, White Musk.

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