Monday, July 9, 2012


Lancôme Miracle
This morning I went to the mall, and I headed to the fragrance section to try Lancôme Miracle. Its an older fragrance, came out in 2000. I've always loved how pretty and pink the bottle looks, the fragrance itself is pink and that has always caught my attention, being the girly girl that I am. I have smelled this perfume before, many times im sure...but I've never took the time to actually....smell it. Until now. I sprayed the tester all over myself... several times, to make sure the scent will last for a long time, so I can have many hours of experiencing it. I also sprayed a fragrance strip. I went back to my car, where I was not overpowered by many other fragrances, and I could just focus on this one. All I can say is... fresh bouquet of flowers. That is what it smells like... and I love every second of it. This fragrance is a total pink-me-up. Its for days when you want to feel your cutest and girly and just very pretty, as well as clean. I can see this being a perfect spring/summer fragrance. I can also see myself wearing a baby pink satin dress with this perfume..perfect girly combo. Notes are: Lychee, Freesia, Magnolia, Ginger, Pepper, Musky and Amber notes, Jasmine.

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