Monday, July 9, 2012

Wedding Day Essentials

Lately I have been in a wedding day mode...probably because it is wedding season and the weather is lovely. I love the beauty products available for that special day, the fragrances made just for that, the oh and the shoes!! There are so many little details that make the bride feel its best on her day. I am obsessed with those tiny little details...and there are plenty of them. I think it is a must for each bride to have a few steps to follow in order to feel and look her all time perfect. Here are my top musts:

First I think it should be your first priority to find the right shoes.
They don't have to be white, baby blue is another great option that I like.

The scent you wear on your day is just as important as the dress you wear. Every time you smell that scent it is going to take you back to your wedding day, so you must find something that makes you feel feminine, romantic and beautiful. Vera Wang makes so of the most amazing perfumes for inspired by weddings. My faves are Vera Wang Truly Pink: pink lily of the valley with pink rose, and lychee blossom mingles with peony and white freesia. Cassis, violet wood and creamy woods complete the fragrance, creating a full and balanced bouquet. First introduced in 2007, Truly Pink offers women a fresh scent, which works well as a finishing touch to most casual outfits and attire.
Vera Wang Bouquet: Introduced in 2008, includes notes of white iris root, black currant leaves, lavender musk accord, Sicilian bergamot, honeysuckle, and Moroccan cedar, providing women with a moderate, feminine scent that is sure to attract compliments. Whether you are going out to lunch with friends or spending the day shopping, Vera Wang Bouquet is the perfect fragrance for your day.
Vera Wang by Vera Wang: flowery scent that is casual enough for a relaxed day out on the town, but it is resonant enough for a date night. First introduced in 2002, this romantic, feminine fragrance has a subtle blend of mandarin, iris, and lotus notes. Its delicate but attention-getting Asian-based bouquet will turn heads wherever you go.
Vera Wang Sheer Veil 100ml EdP 240x240 Vera Wang Sheer Veil – Radiant, Feminine and SensualVera Wang Sheer Veil: Introduced in 2005 by Vera Wang, this daytime fragrance is perfect for the woman who appreciates complex but subtle notes in the scent she wears. This perfume perfectly blends the delicate aromas of springtime, resulting in a glorious burst of creamy lavender, gardenia, dewy violets, white lilies, and champagne rose. The ultimate feminine scent, Vera Wang Sheer Veil is perfect for dabbing behind the ears just before an impromptu and romantic afternoon date.
Vera Wang Anniversary: Anniversary is a woody floral with notes of bergamot, apple leaves, mandarin, dew drop accord, gardenia, rose, orange blossom, musk, orris, amber and cedar. Launched in 2010, the new limited edition fragrance for women celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Vera Wang fashion house, and is described as “bright and lush”.

The right pastel nail polish is very important. Nail color must look soft and clean. A lot brands such as OPI and Essie make bridal colors so it is easier to narrow down:

As for hair and makeup, I suggest finding a face that inspires you and somebody who you resemble the most. I love Megan Fox for her sexy, dark style. You could take a picture of your muse to a salon to match the hairstyle, as well as makeup. It can be quite simple to find a celebrity who you look like. Everyone has a doppelganger.

When you wake up on the day of your wedding, you have to be in the most perfect, peaceful and romantic peace of mind the second you step your foot out of bed. Light a candle that puts you in a wedding day mood and makes you feel beautiful and ready to get married! I think Yankee Candle's Wedding Day candle is the perfect choice.

What else could be comfy yet incredibly sexy like anything by Victoria's Secret? Their Bridal collection is my most absolute favorite. The gorgeous satin baby blues and pearly whites and shiny diamonds makes any piece of clothing look like little bits of art.

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